Decipher and Predict the positive reactions in the comments of your audience.


Produce engaging and highly personalized content for a specific audience.


Post content by seasons and engage with the audience to co-create the following content.


We are

Stager is a digital cloud filming-platform driven by artificial intelligence where each creator will be able to script, produce and turn their lives into a cinematographic piece that adapts in real time according to the response of the audience and that can be shared with the most engaged followers to meet communicational and advertising objectives.

From Influencer to Filmmaker.


Higher engagement to brands and selling-goals.

Upper profits due to the interaction towards the campaigns.

Performer-like Mindset.


All you can do!


Acting skills training and formation
/ Character construction and characterization.


Script writing using natural language processing.


Guide for the preparation of recording spaces / Creator assistance Bot.


Suggested content according to the reactions of the audience to define the following content.

How it works?


“Your life is a story worth telling.”


What you decide, what makes you happy!

Train your acting skills, write your own scripts using self-content suggestions, and cinematically produce your own seasonal TV series, reality show, monologue, short film, feature film, and documentary.

The advertiser is your strategic sponsor.

Build your content script on the commercial and advertising objectives of the brands that will sponsor you to achieve healthy, organic and exponential engagement with the audience.


Stager uses natural language processing to know at what point in the dialogue and audiovisual narration it is more appropriate to generate product placement, brand mention, morphing, telesales, telepromotion, teletext and development of the advertiser's communication theme.


# Collaborative Filmmaking Network.

Connect, receive mentoring and co-produce alongside with filmmakers, advertisers and influencers globally.

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