X for Startups is a Business Connector program of continuous innovation for the co-creation, bootstrapping and disruptive acceleration of technological solutions.

Where companies help startups and viceversa, empowering founders around the world to build something better and solve real problems.

Co-create with Startups.

Collaborate with disruptive startups around the world and let them solve your problems.

Multiple business models.

Receive multiple business models monthly, previously validated by real users.

Highly technological prototypes.

Your company will be the first to test minimum viable products with great market power.

X for Startups

It is not an incubator. not a hackathon and much less…
an innovation competition.

It is a disruption program focused on rapid technological execution and business acceleration.

Why is X for startups perfect for you?

  • You don't spend resources on additional innovation or digital transformation teams.
  • Keep your Innovation or Scrum team focused on assigned projects.
  • You can see how the startups working to solve your problems are progressing daily and in a personalized dashboard.
  • You pay an annual subscription fee and you can upload all the problems or challenges of your company.
  • Keeps your entire team updated on the latest technological advances and innovative solutions. Each solution you choose has been validated and tested in real markets. We don't like bubbles.


  • You can solve hundreds of problems at the same time.
  • It allows you to be very close to advanced innovation and disruptive technologies. So close that you can hear them moving forward.
  • Build open innovation in your company by connecting your problems with thousands of solutions around the world.
  • At any time you can decide to launch an offer to invest in the Startup or even buy it.
  • You invest in X for Startups only 5% of what you would spend in a year of hackathons, incubations and innovation competitions that do not achieve real results.

How does X for startups work?

Companies X release a series of resources and facilities to a selected group of Startups, who are chosen month by month, to join and solve the problems that the company is suffering.



Free Trial





US$ 3.500


Add 3 validated * startups each month to your experimentation sandbox **.

Prototype experimentation in groupal sandbox.




US$ 3.200


Add 5 validated * startups each month to your experimentation sandbox **.

Customize the experimentation sandbox.

No-code *** development of prototypes, easy and fast to validate.




US$ 2.900


Add 7 validated * startups each month to your experimentation sandbox **.

Own and dedicated experimentation sandbox.

Implementation and integration of prototypes to the systems of the contracting company.

*Validated Startup: solution that has been evaluated and has a solution compatible with the problem that the contracting company wants to solve.
**Sandbox: Virtual or physical places where collaborators and validated Startups can collaborate, experiment, improvise and watch each other work to stimulate creativity, innovation and disruption.
***No-Code: No-code platforms provide a way to create web and mobile applications without writing Full Stack programming code.

Start solving your problems

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