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How do we benefit your Start-Up?

Revenues and independence from external capital:
Revenue often is a key incentive for an early-stage company. As big corporates can invest considerable amounts of money for products, corporates can free start-ups from the need to seek outside investments.
Corporates can also have a long-term interest, which may stabilize a start-up and help it to reach break-even or even profits very early. Such an approach allows the start-up to achieve sustainable growth, independently from scarce venture capital.

Success story for future sales:
Large corporate customers substantially enhance the reputation of start-ups and serve as reference cases for future sales. As corporate decision-makers look for references before engaging in a collaboration, this also triggers a network effect. In this context, the transformation of the sales process from an innovation pitch into reference selling may become a key success factor for a start-up.

Scalable customer base:
Large corporates can be an ideal target customer as they have enough people, budget and opportunity to scale.
This is helpful for start-ups and providers of emerging technologies that are looking for their first customers.

Riskless internationalization:
Working with corporate headquarters offers the possibility to expand into other countries by partnering with the corporate’s local subsidiaries. Moreover, large user bases may also help start-ups to refine and optimize their products.

Attractive retail sales channel:
The infrastructure of an established corporate, including its existing clients, allows faster scaling of the start-up business model than the start-up could achieve on its own.

Access to proprietary assets:
Partnering with a corporate can enable a start-up to exploit underutilized corporate assets such as data that would otherwise not be accessible, and create new business opportunities.

Market knowledge and mentoring:
An established business player can help start-ups enter the market with its resources. Start-ups can also tap into the knowledge and long-term experience of the corporate in the form of mentoring.

How it works exactly



Apply to Unicornia® community with the best you got.



You will be evaluated and interviewed by a specialized jury.



We will give you feedback to improve.



If you are selected we will connect you with the right corporate to grow your startup.

Being part of us has never been so easy.

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    5. Team

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    Do you have an advisory board? If yes, please give an overview and specify how the people on the board are relevant to your business. Is the advisory board reimbursed?*

    How did you meet your co-founders? How long have you been working together?*

    6. Traction & Potential

    What steps have you taken to validate the product with users? Please specify*

    Is your business model based on assumptions or validated facts? Please specify*

    Who are your competitors? Who might become a competitor in the future? What differentiates your company from your competitors?*

    What makes you stand out from your competitors?*

    Who exactly are going to buy your product/service? How big is the market, where is it located, how are you going to enter it?*

    Who desperately needs your product?*

    7. Strategy

    Summarize the business model in a few sentences. How will you make money?*

    How will you get users/customers?*

    What is blocking your growth?*

    What is your revenue model?*

    What are your main challenges for the next 12 months and how do you plan to solve them?*

    How fast is the market growing and why is it going to be big in ten years?*

    8. Finance & Funding

    Cost structure (customer acquisition cost, distribution costs, hosting, people)*

    What are going to be your main cost drivers?*

    What have you achieved so far? Include revenue, traction, major investments etc.*

    With your current burn rate when are you going to run out of money without securing any additional funds?

    What are the most important metrics by which you are following the development of your startup (e.g. revenue, churn, MoM, CaC, LTV etc.) and what progress have you made in terms of these for the last six months (or the months you have data)? Please provide numbers*

    What are your next milestones and when are you planning to reach them?*

    What are your capital requirements over the next 24 months and for what do you need the money?*

    What might go wrong? (This is a test of imagination, not confidence.)*

    Which companies would be most likely to buy you and why?*

    9. Legal & Risks

    Are any of the founders covered by noncompete or intellectual property agreements that overlap with your project?*

    Is there anything else we should know about your company? (e.g. pending lawsuits, co-founders who have left, etc.)*

    Are there any regulatory restrictions surrounding your business?*

    How do you protect your idea? How do you retain a competitive advantage?*

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