Advanced Virtual Professional Program

Turn your Ideas into disruptive Startups.

9 weeks / 2 weekly sessions
of 90 minutes each.
Start: August 2020

‘School of Startups’ of Unicornia is an advanced, virtual and interactive professional training program for Startups to learn how to Invent, Prototype, Validate and Develop new technological and disruptive business models.

Learn from the best Startupers to be a Startup totally focused on Bootstrapping with the very unique global program dictated 100% by technological founders.

Watch the introduction video to the program:

We only choose 30 participants per program.

Apply to the program if:

  • You continually have innovative ideas and disruptive proposals.
  • You want to become a key technological ally of the company where you work or if you left your 9-5 job and decided to go big.
  • You are passionate about the digital transformation ecosystem and Startups, and you think you can be one of them.
  • You are looking to relocate yourself and want to discover/develop new skills in yourself.
  • You firmly believe that technology is the best way to grow professionally.

What will you gain from the Unicornia School of Startups Program?


You will learn from the best Startups to solve problems quickly, disruptively and collaboratively. Building scalable and sustainable solutions that the future (present) will demand.


You will find and master the correct path to Bootstrapping (finance your project only with your sales).


You will understand how to establish technological co-creation alliances with Corporations by using Open-Innovation to find the usability of your innovation project.


You will gain the opportunity to present your innovation project to international corporations and competitions as well.


If you achieve the maximum evaluation score at the end of the program (2,100 points out of 2,400 points), you choose the company and we assure you either the presentation of your innovation project or we get you a job in that organization.

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The methodology

Unicornia's highly focused “School of Startups” program is based on the transfer of knowledge, the construction of criteria for decision-making and the sharing of the experience of Founders (Startupers) of successful Startups from different countries to the participants. They are founders teaching founders.

Each 90 minute session is done entirely by Zoom. At the start of the session, the Startuper ensures that each participant has reviewed and understood the audiovisual material shared on DropBox for each session. From there, the Startuper focuses on the Participant being able to clearly and quickly apply and implement each tip, lesson and guide in their own ideas for innovation or in their training as a disruptive innovator.

Each Startuper may use slides, videos, use cases and/or additional graphic material for the development of each session.


Our Startupers

Globally recognized Startup Founders who will be your instructors throughout the program.

Gonzalo Aguero

Gonzalo Aguero

Founder & CEO [Worcket] Mexico

Amparo Nalvarte

Amparo Nalvarte

Founder & Board Member [Culqi] Perú

Nicolas Parziale

Nicolas Parziale

Founder [Intuitivo] Argentina

Pilar Rattan

Pilar Rattan

Founder & Project Lead [Feelenials] Colombia

Mario Cruz

Mario Cruz

CEO & Co-Founder [Kontigo] Perú

Cesar Urrutia

Cesar Urrutia

Co-Founder [Space AG] Perú

Level #1: Reborn as a Startup.

Duration: 9 weeks / 2 weekly sessions of 90 minutes each.

# Session

Content of each Session (90 minutes)

Session #1

Developing the Startup Founder mentality:
Skills, Competencies and Locks to knock down.

Session #2

Ideas and Execution:
What projects, ideas and models best fit your profile?
Disruptive ideation and what business model works best for your idea.

Session #3

Designing the fast-running Roadmap.
Calculate different success and failure scenarios.

Session #4

From Proof of Concept to Minimum Viable Product (and vice versa).
What problem do you want to solve?
What are the minimum features you need to build to demonstrate that you can solve a real problem?
How to iterate between PoC and MVP until you demonstrate that you have the solution?

Session #5

Product Market Fit.
Defining Early Adopters and Followers.

Session #6

Establishing Open-Innovation alliances.
What do you need from the innovation ecosystem and what can you contribute?

Session #7

Developing the Minimum Viable Product or the scalable Prototype.
Defining the milestones of the 1st. Launching.

Session #8

Building the user acquisition system.
Defining and Improving the conversion rate.
Ensuring user retention.

Session #9

Defining the Unit Economics and the KPI’s to use.

Session #10

Extending and redefining the characteristics and functions (specs) of the solution based on the validation of the Early Adopters.

Session #11

Projecting the cash flow structure.
Recalculating the revenue model.
Defining possible income/expense formulas to sustain the business over time.

Session #12

Building the professional team.
Who do you need as co-founders and who as key contributors?

Session #13

Setting the proper path to Bootstrapping.
How to maintain the business model with your own sales? Without resorting to capital investment.

Session #14

Finding different solutions for your initial idea.
Have you found different uses for your solution?
What other sectors, industries and markets can take advantage of your solution to innovate/reinvent yourself?

Session #15

Building your own culture for your Startup.
Create your gospel and become a cult brand.

Session #16

Deal with investors. Corporate or Venture Investors? Courage or Pain?
Identify the type of investor you need, for how long you need it and what you will achieve in the short term.
Learn to review, evaluate and define the amount and investment terms.

Session #17

Co-creating with corporations.
Is it the right time? When will it be?
What steps should you take to achieve a win/win alliance?

Session #18

Reinvent or abandon your own solution in case it doesn't work or something goes wrong.
What's the worst that can happen?
How to start again?

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Evaluation system

The Unicornia 'School of Startups' program is based on 2400 points that are achieved by meeting the “milestones” assigned by the Startuper (instructor) in each session and according to the specific objectives of each participant.

Participants who achieve a minimum of 1460 out of 2400 points will be considered approved in the program and will receive a package of technological resources and preferential access to present their projects to selected companies/corporations.

High Value Benefits


Cloud access with Deep Learning services and programming environments.


Financial advice for sales projection.


Legal advice for the establishment of Startups and signing of pilots with companies.


Permanent mentoring in Full Stack development.

US$ 470 (one-time payment)

Once your application for the program is accepted you will be able to:

  • Pay either by credit or debit card from wherever platform you are using.
  • Pay via online bank transfer.


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