CoBu is a disruptive process focused on building Startups within corporations and companies that need to strengthen their business models and accelerate their own digital transformation.


Disruption Areas

  • Transport and logistics.
  • Commerce, Marketing and Sales.
  • Administration and Human Resources.
  • Finance (Fintech & Insurtech)
  • Food (Foodtech) and Agriculture.
  • Mining (Mintech) and Construction.
  • Production and Recycling.
  • Public security.
  • Government and Citizenship (Govtech)
  • Human Health (Health Care)
  • Learning and Education.
  • Humanity and Gender Protection.

High Value Benefits


Create a disruptive revenue/business model that works in parallel to your current operation.


Build a Startup tailored to your needs and problems.


Access new technologies, mentalities and work methodologies.


Encourage your current human team to develop collaboratively.


Prepare your company for future crises and unexpected situations.

How does it work?


1st. stage: 4 weeks

Preparation and presentation of proposals based on problems or challenges presented by the participating company.

Price: Free of charge (zero cost)


2nd. stage: 12 weeks

Construction and execution of Corporate Startup based on the digital solution selected by the participating company.

Price: One-time rate according to plan. See here



  • To recover the normal, economies and companies will have to develop new products and services that serve a different type of customer within changing needs.
  • Quickly bring your company closer to the true Digital Transformation.
  • The world has shown us that we are NOT as technological or innovative as we thought, by not being able to protect our business model during crisis and emergency situations or to adapt quickly or deal with data that comes directly from new markets.
  • The need to reduce operating costs and develop remotely is urgent and vital for business survival.
  • There is a wide offer available of technological Startups and experienced entrepreneurs who need to spend their time and knowledge on new projects.
  • The world even when in isolation is more global than before. We already live in the Non-Viral economy.

Choose your plan

Local reach:
The Startup with a disruptive business model is built with technological entrepreneurs who will be searched, evaluated and selected in the country where the company resides.
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Continental reach:
The Startup with a disruptive business model is built with technological entrepreneurs who will be searched, evaluated and selected in the continent where the company operates.
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Global reach:
The Startup with a disruptive business model is built with technological entrepreneurs who will be searched, evaluated and selected worldwide.
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Use cases


How is Unilever building Startups to reach new markets?

Unilever Foundry has launched around 150 pilots with startups in various vertical markets since its launch in May 2014. "These pilots have helped us learn how to better communicate with customers and also understand disruptive business models."


Aigües de Barcelona, CaixaBank, Naturgy, Seat and Telefónica. When big companies and ‘start-ups’ work together.

The desire to innovate and disruption on one side. The experience and strength of the other. The mix of start-ups and large companies proposed by the Start4big innovation program takes shape with the selection of five emerging companies, which in this first edition will work side by side on joint projects with the driving partners, Aigües de Barcelona, CaixaBank, Naturgy , Seat and Telefónica.


Enel: the energy giant that thinks like a startup.

Enel collaborates with cutting-edge energy startups and helps them develop, test, and scale promising new technologies and business models. Its Innovation Centers are helping the energy giant to think and act like an agile startup, while drawing on its considerable resources and global reach.

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