Unicornia® has developed a collaborative participation platform where anyone, anywhere can help remotely develop the startup that interest him the most.

On this platform The Founders will be able to upload their Startup proposal so that anyone remotely helps them build, improve and validate it. People who collaborate could receive a payment in the form of convertible notes if the contribution helps significantly with the progress of the startup.


Learn from the feedback of community members and strengthen your knowledge..


Impress with your talent and experience the Startup where you would love to work on.


Share ideas of new solutions and build your ideal Startup team.

How does it works?

1. Register as a user.

2. We will evaluate your profile to understand which startups best fit you.

3. Log In and choose the startup(s) you want to help improve.

4. Participates. Collaborate. Help out.

It's that simple! Remember that if you want to go far, it is better to walk together.

How can you start?

Please fill out the following form and signing up.


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