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What is Unicornia?
Unicornia is a collaborative open innovation ecosystem that has the great purpose of turning the Latin American region into a world power of innovation since the invention. Currently, it has established operation and development hubs in 6 key cities in the Hispanic region: Lima, Santiago de Chile, Medellín, Guadalajara, Miami and Barcelona.

What are the Unicornia's School-of-Startups programs?
Unicornia's ‘School of Startups’ is an advanced, virtual and interactive professional training program for Startups to learn to Invent, Prototype, Validate and Develop new technological and disruptive business models.
The program will allow you to learn from the best Startupers (founders of Startups globally) to be a Startup totally focused on Bootstrapping with the only global program lead 100% by technological founders.

What are Startupers (instructors)?
The Startupers are the instructors who will lead each of the sessions and are, in all cases, successful founders of globally recognized startups.

How long does Unicornia's ‘School of Startups’ program last?
Depending of the program last from 4 to 10 weeks, with a frequency of 2 sessions of 120 minutes per week.

Is the Unicornia ‘School of Startups’ program carried out in person or online?
The program is 100% VIRTUAL. Using remote video conferencing tools and cloud file storage.

How did the idea of carrying out the Unicornia ‘School of Startups’ program come about?
The idea was born as a solidarity response to the global health emergency caused by Covid-19 that caused the dismissal of millions of talented people around the world and with few opportunities for job placement.
The program was devised and developed to allow selected program participants to discover and train their own technology entrepreneurship skills and become Startups to achieve better job placement.

Am I eligible to apply to Unicornia's ‘School of Startups’ program?
Unicornia aims to empower ALL deep technology projects around the world. Therefore, we have established the broadest, but fairest, rules for applicants at different levels of the program.

Who is eligible?

You are eligible to apply to Unicornia's ‘School of Startups’ program if you meet all or any of the following conditions:

    • You continually have innovative ideas and disruptive proposals.
    • You want to become a key technological ally of the company where you work or have worked.
    • You are passionate about the ecosystem of digital transformation and startups, and believe that you can be one of them.
    • You are looking to relocate to work and want to discover / develop new skills in yourself.
    • You firmly believe that technology is the best way to grow professionally.

What are the levels of preparation and training of Unicornia's ‘School of Startups’ program?
The program has 3 gradual levels, which are:
Level # 1: Reborn as a Startup: Duration: 9 weeks. (Open to reception of applications)
Level # 2: Co-create with corporations: Duration: 12 weeks.
Level # 3: Scale to Unicorn: Duration: 22 weeks.

How to apply to Unicornia's ‘School of Startups’ program?
Through the following link -> Here.
Unicornia's 'School of Startups' program is currently accepting applications from talented individuals for the 2021 program cycle.
If you would like to apply, submit your application online here. Early filers have a slight advantage because we have more time to read their applications. And you can submit after the deadline, although keep in mind that the later you apply, the harder it will be to enter.

How do we choose those who will participate in the Unicornia ‘School of Startups’ program?
Through a free and easy evaluation process.
In this link here you can find a form with intuitive questions and cognitive response. Enter your answers sequentially, it will take no more than 10 minutes.
Upon receiving your application, our team assigns different evaluation weights according to each response and in relation to the professional or attitudinal profile of the applicant.
The response sent via email within 7 days after receipt of the application. In some cases it will be necessary to coordinate a virtual interview to better understand the expectations and profile of the applicant.

Do I have to pay to submit my application?
No, the application to the Unicornia ‘School of Startups’ program, as well as the evaluation and acceptance process is completely free.

How much does Unicornia's ‘School of Startups’ program cost?
Here you will find the one-time payment to pay according to the type of program you have chosen

Do I need to write a business plan?
Not for us. We make decisions based on our application form and personal interviews. We love demos, but we never read business plans. The market changes much faster than keyboard speed.

Will we sign an NDA? How do I know you won't steal my idea?
No, we will not sign an NDA. No training program, incubation competition and venture funding would do it at this stage.

Do we need to establish a business name before applying?

Can we apply to Unicornia's ‘School of Startups’ program more than once?
Yes. In a typical Unicornia Startup training program, about half of the people and Startups submitted applications multiple times before being accepted. If you have applied before and have not logged in, we recommend that you apply again. Progress since your last application is a strong sign for us.

Do we need to meet someone in Unicornia to enter the ‘School of Startups’ program?
No. One of the core principles of Unicornia is to consider all applications equally. We don't trust referrals like many other programs do.

If we participate in another training program for Startups, can we be in Unicornia?
Yes. Many talented people have joined the Unicornia program after doing another one. However, if you have already done another innovation workshop or course, we can hope that you have made a higher level of progress.

Can we participate in Unicornia's ‘School of Startups’ program without moving to where they are?
Of course. In fact, we have developed a platform in the cloud so that anyone anywhere in the world can interact with Startupers (instructors), companies, mentors and each other.

I am running a Startup. Can I meet with you?
Of course, we can meet virtually (remotely) with each Startup that wants us to invest in their solution. In that case, please enter this link-> I am already a Startup to register your Startup.

Who will be the instructors for Unicornia's ‘School of Startups’ program?
Unicornia's ‘School of Startups’ program is the only professional training program for Startups in the world that brings together real Founders of Startups operating worldwide in different industries and sectors to lead each of the sessions. They are called “Startupers” in our program.

How is Unicornia's 'School of Startups' program different from other startup training programs?

3 aspects mainly:

    • It is the only program worldwide where recognized startups teach potential and future startup founders.
    • It is a professional startup training program that focuses 100% on Bootstrapping. Being this term (bootstrapping) used to express that a Startup can grow and meet its expenses from its own sales. Without waiting or needing external capital investment. A Startup that manages to sustain itself in Bootstrapping also achieves millionaire appraisals faster and with greater sustainability.
    • Each graduate of Unicornia's ‘School of Startups’ program can present their innovation projects (Startups) to either a selected group of corporations and technological competencies at a global level in order to obtain opportunities for the development of commercial pilots or obtain some outstanding job position.

Is my information confidential?

The information you provide in your application will be available to the following parties:

    • Unicornia and our IT team (to manage the application platform).
    • Our Startupers (instructors), mentors and expert volunteer members (to evaluate and judge your application).
    • Our partners (companies and investors looking for potential collaboration and investment opportunities).

Everyone signs our Confidentiality Agreement, available upon request ( However, if you think that some information may be too sensitive (due to a pending patent, for example), we recommend that you obtain legal advice. If you do not have access to legal advice, feel free to email us.

When will I know if I am accepted to participate in Unicornia's ‘School of Startups’ program?
After submitting your application (form) through this link here, and within 7 days you will receive an email confirming your participation or recommendations to adjust any aspect of your application to be selected.


At Unicornia®we firmly believe that if a company accepts startups as part of the team of collaborators, it will be disruptively innovating from the ground up. Since each startup is itself an Innovation Laboratory.

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