"Let's turn Latin America into the world power of innovation"

We do break with the traditional and we launch ourselves to explore where nobody searches to find what everyone wants.

We are entrepreneurs and founders of Startups. That is our main strength because we know how those who start a new company from a disruptive and highly innovative solution feel but also know what the corporations aspire to because we have been there.

Throughout our individual and collective experience we have participated and won the most important technological competitions in Europe, the United States and Asia. This has allowed us to build a network of contacts that enables us to reach any solution without being interrupted and diverted. We have also managed to get involved with the most relevant innovation ecosystems of each business sector and we know exactly where is the technological solution that your company needs to innovate and differentiate.

That's what we are, a Link of Innovation. We are able to find the entrepreneurs, founders and startups you need to meet your objectives and we will do it face-to-face.


Start fast!

Connect now with more than 1.2 million of startups with the most innovative solutions.


    Get to know us a little better


    Jorge Toledo-Chacón

    Founder Director
    "I do not believe in the status quo or in the comfort zone, I firmly believe in invention, entrepreneurship and innovation"

    KristianLund -Board -Unicornia

    Kristian Nørfelt Lund

    Business Development Lead & Mentor
    "I bet I can help you move forward"


    Fernando Lamas

    Venture Capital Director
    A natural team player who love to bring the best of people!

    Mentors & Jury

    JorgeDelCarpio -Unicornia

    Jorge Del Carpio

    Director of UCAL Startup & UCAL Lab

    AlfredoFuentes -Unicornia

    Alfredo Fuentes

    CTO at La Victoria Lab

    PaolaParraBarco -Unicornia

    Paola Parra

    Innovation Manager at Innova Schools

    CarlosHoyos -Unicornia

    Carlos Hoyos

    Chief Behavioral Officer (CBO) - Rimac Seguros

    MaAlejandra Llosa -Unicornia

    María Alejandra Llosa Ricketts

    Public Innovation | Former Innovation leader in the Presidency of the Council of Ministers of Peru

    Erick Bakovic -Unicornia

    Erick Bakovic

    Innovation & Behavioral Design Manager at Aporta

    Alejandro Pantoja -Unicornia

    Alejandro Pantoja

    Director of Innovation, Innovation Management, Technological Entrepreneurship at Doixt

    Federico Wills -Unicornia

    Federico Wills

    Innovation enabler, Trend hunter, Entrepreneur, Co- founder at T-Lab S.A.S

    ManuelPastene -Unicornia

    Manuel Pastene del Valle

    Deputy Manager of Innovation and Development at Ripley Chile

    TatianaPaz -Unicornia

    Tatiana Paz

    Project Manager at FITS (Future Innovation Tailor-Made School) for Latin America

    ArmandoHung -Unicornia

    Armando Hung

    Innovation manager at SURA Perú (AFP Integra, Fondos Sura, SAB Sura)

    RodrigoFajardo -Unicornia

    Rodrigo Fajardo

    Program manager @UTEC Ventures

    ErnestoCok -Unicornia

    Ernesto Cok

    Director & Head of Digital Banking Channels at Scotiabank

    GiovannaCarbajal -Unicornia

    Giovanna Carbajal

    Educational Innovation

    ArturoCoral -Unicornia

    Arturo Coral

    Country Manager at Future Startup HERO

    JimenaSanchez -Unicornia

    Jimena Sanchez

    Adviser in Digital Government, Smart City and Innovation at Miraflores Municipality

    RocioRojas -Unicornia

    Rocio Rojas

    Director at The World Center of Excellence of Destinations

    AlainPaulMichaud -Unicornia

    Alain-Paul Michaud

    Transformational Business Leader | Former IBM Watson Sales Manager | Artificial Intelligence

    KennethLopez -Unicornia

    Kenneth Lopez

    Managing Director, Entrepreneur and Angel Investor at Tekton Labs

    FedericoAmprimo -Unicornia

    Federico Amprimo

    Digital Transformation Leader | Keynote Speaker on Digital Innovation

    JonatanRios -Unicornia

    Jonatan Rios

    General Director of Business Development in the Ministry of Production of Peru

    DianaDiTolla -Unicornia

    Diana Di Tolla

    Fab Lat. Commercial Management of Technological Projects

    Miguel Galvez -Unicornia

    Miguel Galvez

    Project manager @ Innovation Lab at Interbank

    RocioVega -Unicornia

    Rocío Vega

    Innovation Manager at Qubitz Lab

    Any Questions?

    If you’re curious about how innovative startups can boost your innovation process or how cooperations can give you access to needed resources, drop us a message. We look forward to getting in touch with you!


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