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At Unicornia® we help off-the-radar startups connect with corporates to innovate their business ecosystems through piloting and funding using a collaborative platform where everyone around the world can share knowledge, experiences and hours of work to help promising startups to grow faster and solidly.

How do we do it?


We identify the need for innovation in the company.

Making a diagnosis of the real impact that the desired technology will have and proposing alternative ways.


We carry out a search in our base of startups.

That includes more than 240,000 technological solutions to find one that - at an early or advanced stage - can solve the problem quickly and directly.


We look for early stage ideas or entrepreneurs off the radar.

That they have found a way to solve the problem with few resources and with great effectiveness.


We visit the Startup or entrepreneur.

In the place where its solution is established to evaluate its presentation in person and get involved with team work and purpose. That way will reduce the probability of error in the selection and subsequent negotiation with the corporate client.


The corporate client receives the list of solutions.

With which you can contact directly or through us to negotiate the development of any market test, pilot, specific development, acquisition or capital investment.

Why are we different?


We leave the established circuit of startups to look for universities, cities and countries that are invisible to the ecosystem of global entrepreneurship. In this way we find ideas and technologies that achieve a lot with very few resources.


We think

Free of cultural barriers!

Have you noticed how many high-skilled founders do not feel capable or just don't want to speak in English?

We’ve built tools to overcome this and focus on the impact of their ideas instead of language skills.


What we use?

  • Contacts and representatives in cities where the development of technological solutions is booming.
  • Extensive database with more than 120,000 startups have been validated and even awarded in different international competitions and developed in the main vertical categories of innovation.
  • Evaluation tools based on agile methodologies, such as: Design Sprint, which allows us in just 5 days to simulate the implementation of the technological solution without the need for cost and extensive developments.
  • Personalized Demo-Day, through the visit and face-to-face accompaniment to the team that develops the technological solution to achieve an immersive experience in their work system and better understand how they could collaborate together with the corporate client.

Any Questions?

If you’re curious about how innovative startups can boost your innovation process or how cooperations can give you access to needed resources, drop us a message. We look forward to getting in touch with you!


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